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2009-02-21 16:30:56 by NeedleJuice

Nowadays i dont have much time to leave revievs and stuff like that, since im mostly playsnf Stepmania and uploading files on

but at the moment im looking for a musician who have made a hardcore song that i can have permission to create a dancefile for and send it as an audition to the StepMix contest on (not stepmix 4, but the upcoming stepmix 5). The song MUST be shorter than 2 mins, around 1:30 is perfect. PM me if interested.


2007-09-04 15:03:24 by NeedleJuice

Ive recieve alot of pm's lately asking which program i made songs in, I tried to learn how to use FL from djltd but frankly....i sucked...and Reason 2 isn't geting any better either. But i found a much more interesting program to use:

Sony Acid Pro 4 and Sony Acid Pro 3.

Easy to use and much fun to learn.

I Also use HammerHead Rhythm Station to make some Background beats

Finally after a few weeks

2007-09-01 16:07:11 by NeedleJuice

my first song made in FL and Reason is aired on NG.